Single Module Fiber Laser Source 3000W

01 High average power: up to 3000W ; 02 Good beam quality: M2= =1.3~7 ; 03 The output fiber length is customizable ; 04 High electro-optic conversion efficiency: >33%
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We will cover the return shipping cost if there’s any non-human factor caused damage to the laser source within 3 months of purchase.

Product Description

Product Category: 1.5-12kw fiber laser

Description: FC series high-power single-mode continuous-wave fiber laser is developed and produced by Reci Laser. The average power exceeds 3000W with single resonant cavity and single-mode beam quality by solving the obstacle of transverse mode instability (TMI), stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) and poor beam quality. This series products can be widely used in fine cutting, metal welding, surface treatment, 3D printing and rapid prototyping, due to the high average power, multiple anti-high-reflection, high beam quality, and high electro-optic conversion efficiency.

Product Parameters

Model FC 3000
Output Power(W) ≥3000
Central  Wavelength(nm) 1080±3
Operating Mode CW/Modulate
Output Power Regulation Range(%) 10~100
Max Modulation Frequency(kHz) 20
Power Instability(%) < 3
Indicated Red Light Power(mW) >0.5
Beam Delivery Optics QBH
Output Fiber Diameter(μm) 50
Delivery Fiber Length(m) 20
Operating Voltage(VAC) AC380V 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption(W) <10600
Control Model Ext. AD/Loc. AD
Ambient Temperature(℃) 5~40
Ambient Humidity(%) <70
QBH Cooling Water Temperature(℃) Room temperature

(No condensation)

Storage Temperature(℃) -10~60
Cooling Temperature(℃) 25(28 in summer)
Cooling Water Flow with load (L/min) >30
Size W*H*D(mm³)

(with hand-piece)

Weight(kg) <60

Products Applications

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