Distinct Applications of Fiber Laser, CO2 Laser, and UV Laser

Laser technology finds extensive applications across various fields, spanning from material processing like cutting and engraving to medical interventions and scientific exploration. Diverse types of lasers are employed, each tailored to specific tasks and exhibiting unique characteristics. This discourse delves into distinguishing features among fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, and UV lasers.

Fiber lasers excel in delivering high power output and operational efficiency, making them ideal for tasks such as metal cutting, welding, drilling, and engraving. Additionally, they find utility in telecommunications and sensing endeavors.

At Delta Technology, we specialize in the design and manufacture of fiber laser welding, marking, and cleaning machines. These machines encompass both continuous and pulsed laser variants, each serving distinct purposes.

For instance, continuous lasers are typically utilized in handheld devices for welding, cutting, and cleaning, whereas pulse lasers are favored for spot welding in jewelry manufacturing and high-precision cleaning applications.

CO2 lasers, conversely, are predominantly employed in cutting and engraving non-metallic substances like wood, plastic, and acrylic. Moreover, they find application in the medical domain for procedures such as skin resurfacing and laser surgery.

At Delta Technology, our focus lies in the design and production of CO2 cutting, marking, and engraving machines.

UV lasers are employed in scenarios demanding precision and accuracy, notably in semiconductor fabrication and scientific investigations. Additionally, they play a vital role in medical procedures like eye surgery and tattoo removal.

At Delta Technology, our repertoire includes UV marking machines tailored for precise and high-resolution custom content marking solutions.

In conclusion, fiber lasers excel in metal cutting and welding, CO2 lasers are optimal for non-metal materials, and UV lasers shine in precision applications. By grasping the distinctions among these laser types, you can effectively select the most suitable option tailored to your specific requirements.

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If you have any uncertainties regarding your requirements, simply press the button and send an inquiry to the Delta Team. We will promptly clarify your specific needs and provide our expert recommendations to fulfill them.

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