Why Is Laser Coding So Popular In The Food Industry?

In order to meet the market demand, our food safety standards are getting higher and higher. For food labeling and food marking, it is no longer possible to use ink-based equipment as before. After all, ink is still a chemical substance, and it is not safe in terms of hygiene and safety. The above is always flawed. The successful application of laser coding machine in the food industry has greatly improved the competitiveness of the food equipment packaging industry technology, and is widely welcomed by the food packaging equipment industry!

As more and more manufacturers begin to use laser coders, laser coders are fully popularized in the domestic marking and processing market. Nowadays, many industrial areas do not allow the use of polluting inkjet printers, and they have begun to understand, consult, and intend to purchase and install laser printers. The cost of ink and solvent used by a better inkjet printer is generally more than 10,000 yuan per year, which has almost reached the price of a laser printer. It is expensive to use for many years.

Laser marking machine has fast marking speed, high efficiency, no consumables, no pollution, long service life, simple operation, computer operation graphics can be modified at will, no need to change molds, and the marked graphics are permanent. It won’t fade when it comes off. Now well-known domestic companies such as Mengniu, Yili, Coca-Cola, and other large enterprises use laser coders to mark products, which not only improves production efficiency, but also saves a lot of labor and inkjet printer ink and solvent costs.


Delta Laser has a new type of assembly line laser coding machine, which can mark various information required by enterprises on various food packaging and beverage packaging, such as: QR code, barcode, production date, usage Description, shelf life, origin, LOGO, serial number, serial number, symbol, etc. can be easily implemented.

Delta Laser has more than ten years of experience in laser equipment R&D and manufacturing in the laser equipment industry. It is a laser equipment manufacturer with independent technology. It has a group of professional technical teams and after-sales service teams, which can provide customers with free proofing and free delivery. Equipment, debugging equipment, on-site technical training, remote technical guidance, etc.

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