Single Module Fiber Laser Source 2000W

01 High average power: up to 2000W 02 Good beam quality: M2= =1.3~7 03 The output fiber length is customizable 05 High electro-optic conversion efficiency: >33%
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We will cover the return shipping cost if there’s any non-human factor caused damage to the laser source within 3 months of purchase.

Product Description

Product Category: 1.5-12kw fiber laser

The FC series high-power single-mode continuous fiber laser is developed and manufactured by Reci Laser. Average power exceeds 3000W with single resonant cavity and single-mode beam quality by overcoming the problems of transverse mode instability (TMI), stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) and poor beam quality . This product line can be widely used in finishing cutting, metal welding, surface treatment, 3D printing and rapid prototyping, thanks to high average power, high anti-reflection, high beam quality and high photoelectric conversion efficiency.

Product Parameters

Model FC 2000
Output Power(W) ≥2000
Central  Wavelength(nm) 1080±3
Operating Mode CW/Modulate
Output Power Regulation Range(%) 10~100
Max Modulation Frequency(kHz) 20
Power Instability(%) < 3
Indicated Red Light Power(mW) >0.5
Beam Delivery Optics QBH
Output Fiber Diameter(μm) 30/50
Delivery Fiber Length(m) 10 or 15
Operating Voltage(VAC) AC 220V 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption(W) <7280
Control Model Ext. AD/Loc. AD
Ambient Temperature(℃) 5~40
Ambient Humidity(%) <70
QBH Cooling Water Temperature(℃) Room temperature (No condensation)
Storage Temperature(℃) -10~60
Cooling Temperature(℃) 25 (28 in summer)
Cooling Flow(L/min) >20
Size W*H*D(mm³)

(with hand-piece)

Weight(kg) <40

Products Applications

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