Welding Technology Principles And Welding Process Steps Of Laser Welding Robot

A laser welding robot is a welding device that heats the workpiece surface in a narrow area when focusing a laser beam onto the workpiece surface, and connects two workpieces by melting the workpiece and slightly solidifying it. The robot is equipped with a laser welding head, which can achieve high-precision welding in a three-dimensional space environment.

The welding process of laser welding robot generally includes the following steps:

1. Preparation work: Perform pre-processing such as deburring, grinding, and cleaning on the workpiece, and set the welding program and welding parameters.

2. Establish the welding position: Use the coordinate system of the robot to determine the exact position of the part to be welded.

3. Positioning the welding head: The robot accurately positions the welding head to the part to be welded according to the set welding program.

4. Welding: The robot focuses the laser beam on the weld, heats the surface of the workpiece to melt it, and acts on the metal to connect. During the welding process, the robot uses lasers to monitor and track the weld seam to achieve precise welding.

5. Cooling: The robot stops laser irradiation and cools down to quickly cool the welding area to achieve a stable connection state.

6. Complete related work: After the welding is completed, the robot removes the welding head and performs subsequent related work, such as cleaning the welding head, recording welding data, etc.

In short, the laser welding robot is equipped with a laser welding head to achieve high-precision and high-efficiency welding. The main principle of this equipment is to use a laser beam to heat the weld, and heat the metal to the melting point temperature in a short time to achieve welding.

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