JPT Background

JPT was established on April 18, 2006. The founding team chose to enter the field of fiber lasers. The first product was a pulsed fiber laser. However, pulsed fiber lasers mainly include structural designs such as Q-switching, mode-locking and MOPA, which led JPT to make a subdivision technology route decision in this field.

MOPA pulsed fiber lasers are equivalent to smartphones, and Q-switched pulsed fiber lasers are equivalent to feature phones. MOPA pulsed fiber lasers are more advanced, but more difficult to develop. At that time, none of the founding team of JPT had studied MOPA pulsed fiber lasers, nor had any relevant manufacturing experience.

Although I was mentally prepared for the hardships of starting a business, it took seven years to really be a long time. Huang Zhijia recalled: “Jepter is engaged in the field of MOPA pulsed fiber laser, and it is completely a textbook-style entrepreneurship. Starting from the principles of physics, it builds an experimental platform and establishes its own intellectual property rights, without poaching one person from the industry.”

JPT made a MOPA pulsed fiber laser prototype in 2008, but in 2010, it was ready for mass production but found that the stability was not good, and insisted on doing a severe aging test for more than one year.

From R&D to production of MOPA pulsed fiber laser, it took more than seven years to make no money, and it also allowed JPT to form a unique development gene: “Insist on originality and do something different!

The seven-year experience of JPT in the early stage of business and the subsequent success in optical testing equipment and laser trimming machines have also brought valuable experience to the founding team.

Delta Laser can provide customers with JPT’s laser-led laser equipment and corresponding solution.

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