Handheld Smart Laser Marking Machine

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Hand-held laser marking machine is specially designed to solve various marking difficulties. Advanced laser technology is used to realize fast focusing and high-precision marking. With highly integrated design, the body is small and light, and the battery is detachable which can provide unlimited endurance and improve work efficiency. Hand-held laser equipment has a wider range of use and higher flexibility, which can meet the daily needs of customers.

Hand-held laser marking machine uses a laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. It is applicable to all kinds of metal materials, such as gold, silver, copper, steel, etc., andalso to some non-metallic materials, such as paper, plastic, glass, etc. The range of application materials is wide, which can   be used for trademark coding, bar code marking and other personalized customization.


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Actual image of the device


Parameter table

Laser Fiber laser generator
Output power 20W、25W、30W
Marking range 70x70mm、100x100mm (Optional)
Deflection seismoscope High-precision two-dimension scanning system
Laser wavelength 1064mm
Focus lens 130mm
Marking speed <7000mm/s
Master control Integrated motherboard, 8-inch capacitance full-fit screen
Operating system Linux system
Marking line type Dot-matrix and vector all-in-one machine
Line width 0.03mm
Repetitive positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Positioning method Red light positioning and focusing
Printing speed 800 characters (related to material and printing content)
Font Chinese and English, digital, and other standard font
Bar code CODE39、CODE128、CODE126. QR
Source 110V/220V AC.lithium cell(216wh)
Overall power consumption 145-250W
Operating temperature 0-40°
Operating Weight 6~6.8KG


Configure the Linux system

8-core processor with high security level Stable performance and Fast response

Large color touch screen

8-inch full-fit LCD screen, one-button trigger;

One machine can be used for multiple purposes, and the hardware is diversified and compatible


Market advantage

Compared with the bulky traditional marking machine the handheld laser marking machine is smaller in size and more portable and flexible in use. Aiming at the problem of the endurance of the handheld laser marking machine on the market, the technical reform has been made.
The new generation of handheld laser marking
machine has two endurance modes.
● 220V plug-in version:
plug in and use, convenient andfast.
● Charging version: detachable battery design, charging mode: offline or built-in; With the backup battery, you can have unlimited battery life.

Price advantage

Price advantage, quality assurance Provide high-quality quality at a reasonable price, making laser technology universal.

Endurance advantage

Dismantle the battery to ensure a safe life. It is equipped with a 1KG highcapacity detachable battery cell and has unlimited


Weight advantage

Body design, small and light. The overall weight is 6.5KG, which conforms to the ergonomic design. It is portable and flexible.

Transportation advantages

Lightweight packaging and fast transportation. The package of complete equipment is only 10KG at most, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost and effectively reduce the time cost and transportation cost.

Technical advantages

Infrared positioning, accurate marking Advanced laser technology is used to  realize fast focusing and high-precision marking

System advantages

One-touch screen, easy to operate. Configure the Linux operating system, which can be operated by hand, and is more simple and smooth.





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