Which Type of Laser Marking Machine is Superior?

How to Choose a Laser Marking Machine?

  1. Determine the material type you intend to mark, whether it’s steel, leather, plastic, or acrylic. Identifying the materials is crucial in selecting the appropriate laser marking machine.
  2. Assess the complexity of the patterns or text you wish to mark and ensure that the machine you’re considering, whether in terms of hardware or software, can achieve the desired effects. Ideally, examining samples is recommended.
  3. Specify the marking area required for your materials and verify if the chosen machine can accommodate it. Not all laser marking machines are capable of marking all areas, so this aspect must be considered. For large-area machines, ensure the stability of laser output at each point.
  4. Evaluate the hardware components of the laser marking machine, including the laser head, oscillator, and chip. The quality of the chip and laser head is crucial.
  5. Consider the engraving speed, which varies based on the inherent hardware structure of each machine. The desired marking effect also influences speed. For shallower depths, speed can be increased, while deeper markings may require slower speeds. Higher-power machines usually offer a balance between speed and depth. Understanding these factors will aid in selecting an appropriate laser marking machine.

The Delta Mini Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine is a notable option. For further details, feel free to contact us!

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Handheld Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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