Cheap Laser Rust Removal Machine

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Product Description

1LaserDelta Backpack Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

Experience the future of cleaning technology with the LaserDelta Backpack Portable Laser Cleaning Machine. Designed for on-the-go efficiency, this machine offers a seamless transition between various locations without the hassle of setup. The backpack design frees up your hands, allowing you to focus on achieving optimal cleaning results. Versatile and adaptable, it’s your go-to solution for applications requiring frequent movement or access to remote areas. Elevate your cleaning experience with the convenience and flexibility of this cutting-edge machine.



Product Introduction Video

Backpack Handheld Design

Detachable shoulder strap●Portability: The backpack design allows for easy mobility, leaving your hands free for navigating various work environments.
●Ergonomics: Designed with user comfort in mind, ensuring extended usability with optimal weight distribution and padding.




Indicator lightSafety Warning Light

●Provides visual indication of the machine’s operational status.
●Different colors convey specific information about the machine’s condition.



Q: Will Laser Cleaning damage the surfaces?

A: We operate a Pulse Laser Cleaner, this machine is designed for cleaning precision and or machined surfaces. The tuning parameters of our machine are so highly adjustable that we can remove dust off painting’s without damaging the artwork itself. Our machine will not mark, profile or damage your surfaces unlike sand blasting or pressure blasting etc.

Q: How does Laser Cleaning work?

A: The layers to be removed absorb laser light, the material heats up and vaporizes at corresponding points. Depending on the wavelength, frequency amd power,the laser penetrates different depths of the material and blows off the desired layers.


Q: Is Laser cleaning suited for Marine?

A: Yes! We can quickly clean & remove bio-organics, corrosion, deck varnish/coatings & increase fuel efficiency by reducing hull drag on vessels. We extract & filter any by-products leaving no damage or pollution to the marine environment.

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