Application Of Laser Welding Machine In Medical Industry

Application of laser welding machine in medical industry

Laser welding technology has also been widely used in medical and health care. Due to the strict requirements of high cleanliness in the manufacturing process of products in the medical field, laser welding technology just meets its needs. And compared with other commonly used welding technologies, laser welding technology produces almost no welding slag and debris, and does not need to add any adhesive during the welding process, so the entire welding work can be completed in a clean room.

Compared with the traditional welding technology in the medical industry, the Delta laser welding machine not only has obvious advantages in environmental protection and cleaning, but also is superior in process technology; medical instrument products are becoming more and more miniaturized. The required precision can only be achieved by laser technology, so this kind of mechanical equipment is very suitable in the field of medical machinery.

The welding of medical equipment or medical accessories has very high requirements for cleanliness and environmental protection, and with the emergence of more precision medical instruments, the welding process requirements become higher and higher; especially in plastic medical accessories, the use of laser welding machines It is a very good choice, laser welding machine is a non-contact, clean, absolutely dust-free joining technology, high stability laser output, high single-pulse energy, high marking efficiency, maintenance-free operation, and can be precisely controlled , The welding seam is extremely small, clean and environmentally friendly, it is very suitable for the welding requirements of the medical industry.

The addition of laser welding machine technology for medical devices has greatly promoted the development of medical devices. For example, the shell packaging of active implantable medical devices, radiopaque marking of cardiac stents, earwax protectors, balloon catheters, etc. are all inseparable from lasers. use of welding.

With the rapid development of the medical industry, laser welding machine technology also has a huge market application space on the way to help medical devices. It is believed that by studying and using these advanced laser processing technologies, more high-quality and demanding medical equipment will be designed.

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