How Deep Can Laser Engraving Go?

The depth to which laser engraving can go depends on various factors, such as the material being engraved, the power of the laser, and the specific engraving settings used. In general, laser engraving is a surface-level process that removes material from the surface of an object to create a visible mark or design. However, with certain materials and settings, it is possible to achieve deeper engravings.

For softer materials like wood, acrylic, or certain plastics, laser engraving can achieve depths of up to a few millimeters. The laser removes material layer by layer, so deeper engravings will require more passes, which can be time-consuming.

In the case of harder materials like metals, the depth achievable through laser engraving is typically more limited due to the nature of the material and the engraving process. Laser engraving metals usually results in a shallower mark compared to other materials, as the laser energy is often reflected or absorbed by the metal, limiting the depth of material removal.

For applications that require deeper markings, other processes like laser etching or laser ablation may be used. These processes involve higher laser power and more material removal, allowing for deeper engravings, but they may be more suitable for specific materials and applications.

It’s essential to consult with a laser engraving expert or a manufacturer, like LaserDelta to determine the depth achievable for your specific material and design requirements. The capabilities of laser engraving machines can vary, so knowing the limits and possibilities of the equipment will help you achieve the desired results.

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