BWT Laser Source

Wavelength:1080±10 nm Output fiber core diameter:14μm/20μm/50μm Cable Length:12 m/12 m or Customized
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Product Description

optical properties
Power 4000W 6000W 12000W
Wavelength 1080±10 nm
Output fiber core diameter 14μm/20μm/50μm
Cable Length 12 m/12 m or Customized
Beam Delivery QBH/QBH or Customized
Guide Beam Red
Operation Mode Continuous or Modulated
Polarization Random
Power Stability <±1.5% (2h)
Adjustment Scope 10%-100%
Max. Modulation Frequency 5kHz
Mechanical dimensions and weight
Weight <30Kg
Outline Feature 100mm*482mm*347mm
Electrical characteristics
Voltage 220±20V,AC,PE,50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1.5kW
Control Interface RS232
Water cooling parameters
Water Cooling Capacity 1 kW
Temperature Settings 25℃(Laser Module),30℃(QBH)
Cooling Tubes Size (External) Φ12mm
Cooling Water Flux >5L/min
Cooling Water Flux 1.5~2.0L/min

Sheet metal industry Building materials Home appliance manufacturing
Advertising Aerospace Laser welding

It can be used for precision machining, drilling, sheet metal processing, lithium-ion battery processing, and can process various steels, aluminum-based and nickel-based alloys, titanium alloys, alumina ceramics, etc.

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