What Are The Reasons For The Price List Of Laser Welding Machines?

What are the reasons for the price list of laser welding machines?

Laser welding machines are popular among the public due to their simple operation, high efficiency and high speed welding, and smooth and beautiful welds. So if you want to buy a laser welding machine, what are the reasons for its price?

1. Power of laser welding machine: The laser is the core of laser equipment. The higher the power, the higher the price. As the power is higher, the corresponding heat generation will be larger, and the price of the corresponding cooling system will also increase;

2. Laser welding machine configuration: Laser welding machines for different purposes have different configurations, such as mold welding for welding molds, jewelry welding for welding jewelry, and fiber continuous laser welding machines. Welding configuration equipment is not the same, the price is not the same.

3. Customized requirements for laser welding machines: If there are special customized requirements, the price will be higher. If the laser welding machine is used for automatic welding, it is necessary to customize the corresponding automatic fixture, or add a work surface, which leads to an increase in cost;

4. Brand service of laser welding machine: The technical content of laser welding machine is higher, so the required level of after-sales service will also be higher, so you must buy from regular company channels when purchasing, and good after-sales service can only be achieved. Better use of equipment.

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