Application Of Laser Cutting Machine In Fitness Equipment

As one of the more popular cutting technologies at present, laser cutting has been widely used in fitness equipment processing. So what are the specific applications? Let’s talk about LaserDelta below.

The sports and fitness equipment manufacturing industry is a rising star in laser applications. Since there is a lot of pipe processing in this industry and relatively little plate processing, pipe cutting and drilling processes are often used, so it is very necessary to choose an equipment that can both cut and drill holes. LaserDelta is a special pipe cutting machine developed and manufactured specifically for the sports and fitness equipment industry. It can cut pipes of various shapes and process any complex curve graphics on the pipe surface without being restricted by the difficulty of the graphics. The cut pipe section does not require secondary processing and can be directly welded, greatly shortening the production period and creating unlimited value for the enterprise.

As a technological revolution in sheet metal processing, the laser cutting machine is the “processing center” in sheet metal processing. It has high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and short product production cycle. So far, my country’s sports and fitness equipment industry is still in a stage of rapid growth, and there is still a lot of market development space. Our country has developed a cost-effective laser cutting machine for the sports building materials industry.

It can be widely used as a machine for fitness equipment processing because laser cutting machines can cut better quality workpieces and reduce processing steps compared with traditional cutting processes. Compared with traditional sheet metal cutting, which requires cutting, punching, and bending, which consumes a large amount of molds and costs more, the former does not need to go through these processes, and the cutting effect is of higher quality. better. So this is also the reason why laser cutting machines are widely used in the fitness equipment industry. Products are being updated, and so are the equipment.

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