Laser Cleaning Machine For Wood Metal Stone 1KW

High-efficiency cleaning Saving time Laser cleaning without grinding and non-contact
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Model DT-CL-T1000 DT-CL-T1500 DT-CL-T2000
Laser source Fiber Laser Fiber Laser Fiber Laser
Laser Power 1000W 1500W 2000W
Fiber cable Length 10M 10M 10M
Wavelength 1080nm 1080nm 1080nm
Frequency 50-5000 Hz 50-5000 Hz 50-5000 Hz
Cleaning Head Single Axis Single Axis Single Axis
Clean speed ≤60 M²/Hour ≤60 M²/Hour ≤70 M²/Hour
Cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
Dimension 98*54*69cm 98*54*69cm 98*54*69cm
Packing size 108*58*97cm 108*58*97cm 108*58*97cm
Net Weight 120KGS 120KGS 120KGS
Gross Weight 140KGS 140KGS 140KGS
Optional Manual Manual Manual
Temperature 10-40 ℃ 10-40 ℃ 10-40 ℃
Power < 7KW < 7KW < 7KW
Voltage Single Phase 220V, 50/60HZ Single Phase 220V, 50/60HZ Single Phase 220V, 50/60HZ

CW Laser Welding Machine

Product Features:

Fool-style operating system, easy to learn and use;

Higher heat output and more efficient rust removal in carbon steel sheet metal areas;

One-time investment, it can be used after plugging in, no consumables are required, and it is cost-effective;

Three safety protection measures, in line with international standards, to ensure the safety of employment in an all-round way;



HANDHELD LASER CLEANING MACHINE Non-contact cleaning, super fast cleaning speed





Multiple brands choose fiber laser source
Usually we usually provide Maxphotonics laser source,and can also provide other brands (Raycus, MAX,IPG and other brands)according to customer requirements.

Cleanng head

Compared with the fixed cleaning head, it is more convenient to use and simple to operate.


Clamshell design

Built-in ultra-long opticalfiber cable, easy to operate,flip cover to effectively protect the optical fiber andcleaning head.

Cooling air inlet 

Uniquely designed portable detachable dust net, better air intake, dustproof and dirt-proof, easy to disassemble and maintain.


Adapt to hot and cold dualtemperature regulation.Cooled cleaning head andlaser source. The laseroutput is stable, fast andenergy saving.

Control system

Touch screen operation interface, the workingstatus is clear at a glanceprocess design, setup,change at any time.





1. What is the speed of the laser cleaning machine?

Different laser types determine the cleaning speed of the cleaning machine, and the cleaning speed is within the range of 0.5m²/h-15m²/h

2.Is it possible to clean the mold?

Yes,You can give us your mailbox, and we will send the video of the laser cleaning machine cleaning the mold to your mailbox

3.The effect of paint and rust removal Very good, you can refer to our video below


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