DeltaWeld Series: Pioneering Excellence in Modern Laser Welding Technology

The DeltaWeld series handheld laser welding machine represents a new generation of laser welding products, showcasing the latest advancements in laser welding technology. This series features high-quality laser sources from Raycus/MAX and adopts an integrated design for a sleek appearance, stable performance, easy installation, and user-friendly operation with high safety standards. The exterior design emphasizes aesthetics and lightness, while the internal design demonstrates cleverness through an excellent interactive control system.

The interactive control system expands the tolerance range and weld seam width of processed parts, effectively addressing the limitation of a small light spot and enhancing the overall quality of the weld seam. The DeltaWeld series embodies an ergonomic design philosophy, utilizing engineering principles to achieve a lightweight and comfortable body, facilitating easy single-handed control and simple operation.

Additionally, the series is equipped with multiple safety alarms to automatically lock the light beam after the workpiece is removed, ensuring heightened safety throughout the welding process. The resulting weld seam is not only aesthetically pleasing but also exhibits fast welding speed, requires no consumables, leaves no welding marks, and avoids discoloration, eliminating the need for post-weld polishing.

To cater to diverse welding needs, the DeltaWeld series handheld laser welding machine offers a variety of angle nozzles. This flexibility allows the equipment to adapt to different welding angles and requirements. The combination of these features positions the DeltaWeld series as an outstanding solution in the welding industry, providing users with a comprehensive, efficient, and secure welding experience.

In conclusion, the DeltaWeld series handheld laser welding machine is an indispensable tool in modern manufacturing, offering a reliable and efficient welding solution that meets the demands of various industries.

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