A brief introduction to laser drilling technology and laser micro-hole drilling

When the laser working material yttrium aluminum garnet is excited by an optical pump (excitation pulse xenon lamp), it absorbs light with a specific wavelength. Under certain conditions, the number of metastable particles in the working material can be greater than the number of low-energy level particles. This The phenomenon is called particle number inversion. Once a small amount of excited particles produce stimulated radiation transition, the light will be amplified, and then oscillation will be generated through the feedback of the total reflection mirror and partial reflection mirror in the resonant cavity, and finally the laser will be output from one end of the resonant cavity. The laser is focused through the lens to form a high-energy beam that is irradiated on the surface of the workpiece for processing.

1) The electrical system includes the power supply that supplies energy to the laser and the control system that controls the laser output mode (pulse or continuous, etc.). The latter sometimes also includes automatic control devices that drive the workbench according to processing requirements.

2) The function of the optical system is to accurately focus the laser beam on the processing part of the workpiece. To this end, it contains at least two parts: a laser focusing device and an observation and aiming device.

3) The projection system is used to display the condition of the back side of the workpiece and is equipped in relatively complete laser beam drilling machines.

4) The workbench is controlled manually or by a CNC device and moves in the three-coordinate direction to adjust the position of the workpiece conveniently and accurately. The tabletop in the processing area of the workbench is made of glass, because the opaque metal tabletop will bring inconvenience to inspection, and the tabletop will be damaged after the workpiece is penetrated. There is a suction and blowing device under the focusing objective lens above the workbench to keep the working surface and focusing objective lens clean.

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