M5 Collection Intelligent Small Laser Marking Machine

Average output power: 19W / 25W Affordable and cost effective PORTABLE, MINI-FOLDABLE
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Product Description

M5 series intelligent small laser marking machine belongs to the desktop fiber laser marking equipment, is the code clear laser for the equipment simple and compact, flexible and convenient demand for thedevelopment of economic models, The eauipment has the advantages of economic and cost-effective(without computer, you need to configure your own computer to use), the whole machine is small and easy tocarry, compact and solid, can be disassembled and folded, easy to carry, its marking performance iscomparable to desktop machines, can easily meet most common laser marking applications.
M5 series products use 1064nm wavelength fiber laser, which is suitable for various metal materials such asiron, copper and aluminum, gold and silver, and some non-metal materials such as PC, ABS. PVC. PC+ABSWidely used in 3c, auto parts, electronic components, integrated circuits (Pc), electrical appliancesprecision instruments, hardware products, building materials, clocks and watches, jewelry and accessoriescraft gifts and other industries.

Model Size

Model Installation

Application Scenarios


Model Series 20M5+ 30M5+




Laser parameters

Laser Model MFP-20M MFP-25M
Outp2ut power 19W 25W
Beam quality M2 ≤1.4 ≤1.4
Pulse repetition frequency 27-60 kHz 30-60 kHz
Laser wavelength 1064±5 nm
Output power <3%
Design life Approx. 100000 operating hours (non-life time)



Optical properties

Marking range 100~150mm (range optional)
Engraving depth ≤1mm (depending on power and time)
Engraving speed ≤10000mm/s
Repetition accuracy ±0.002
Minimum marker line width 0. 1mm
Minimum character height 0.15mm


Usage environment

Cooling method Built-in air cooling
System power supply 500W / 220V / 50Hz (can be connected to 110V)
Temperature, humidity 0~40°, 30%   RH   85%, need to install air conditioning when using beyond the range
Oil mist, condensation Not allowed


Other parameters

Support System Windows operating system
External dimensions 330X275X520 mm
Packing size 537X550X200 mm
Weight of the whole machine Approx. 8.2kg

Marking principle

The mark is placed directly on the surface with the help of a strong pulsed laser beam, producing a very dark , high-contrast mark on the surface, achieving a durable mark with a uniform perspective and corrosion resistance .

Advantages of the model

1. Compact and portable

  • The whole machine weighs only about 8.2KG, small,compact and light, very convenient to carry
  • Column, light path can be disassembled and boxedat will, easy to install, convenient storag
  • The column can be adjusted at will onthemarking table, so it can be flexible and changeable

2. Cost-effective

  • Affordable and economical models, with performancecomparable to desktops and better value for money
  • One integrated design, solid structure, stable performance, convenient after-sales service
  • Desktop operation, small footprint, not limited by theuse of space

3. High quality light source

  • Adopt advanced fiber laser, good output beamquality and high reliability
  • No consumables and maintenance-free, designedto last approximately 100,000 working hours
  • Flexible application to metallic and somenon-metallic materials

4. Simple and flexible operation

  • Support Windows computer system, connect andinstall the software can beused
  • Powerful control software, support multi-languageswitch,easy to learn operation
  • Support text, patterns, QR codes, bar codes,   running numbers, graphics and other content


Affordable and economical model with high cost performance

Desktop fiber optic marking equipment, specifically developed for the needs  of simple, compact, flexible and convenient equipmentThe characteristics of the product, the price is affordable and economic, cost-effective

Small and flexible, diverse applications

The whole machine weighs only about 8.2KG, compact and lightweight, very easy to carry, and can be used at any time, Switch to any use scene

Compact and sturdy construction, one year warranty

One integrated design, novel style, compact and solid structure, stable performance Guaranteed, we promise one year warranty for the whole machine

Column light path can be flexibly disassembled

Flexible disassembly of light path and column, marking position at will, more convenient storage. Easy to disassemble, just twist and loosen the screws to disassemble

Advanced Fiber Laser

Adopt high quality light source, good quality of light spot, uniform optical power density, stable output optical powerWith no light leakage, anti-reflection and other characteristics, to meet the mainstream market application needs

Provide versatile marking software

Support Windows computer system, connect and install the software can be used, control softwarePowerful, support a variety of marking formats, easy to learn to operate

Double red light metal oscillator

Metal body structure, built-in double red light marking indication, with no adjustment, maintenance-free, andThe advantages of high stability, upgradeable high-speed digital scanning oscillator

Stowed rotary lift

Adopt manual rotary docking control, simple and beautiful design, easy to operate and can be stored



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