1kw Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Cooling System:Water Cooling Way of working:Continuous / Modulation Speed range of welder:0~120 mm/s Focal Spot Diameter:0.5mm
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Product Introduction

Laser System DT-HW1000 DT-HW1500 DT-HW2000
Laser Type 1080nm Fiber Laser
Nominal Laser Power 1000W 1500W 2000W
Cooling System Water Cooling
Way of working Continuous / Modulation
Speed range of welder 0~120 mm/s
Focal Spot Diameter 0.5mm
Ambient temperature range 15~35 ℃
Environmental humidity range <70% without condensation
Welding thickness 0.5-5mm
Welding gap requirements ≤1.2mm
Operating Voltage AV220V
Packing Dimensions 108*58*97CM
Packing Weight 163kg
Fiber length Standard 10m, the longest customized length15m

Welding penetration parameters

Material Output power (W) Maximum penetration (mm)
Stainless steel 1000 0.5-3
Stainless steel 1500 0.5-4
Stainless steel 2000 0.5-5
Carbon steel 1000 0.5-2.5
Carbon steel 1500 0.5-3.5
Carbon steel 2000 0.5-4.5
Aluminum alloy 1000 0.5-2.5
Aluminum alloy 1500 0.5-3
Aluminum alloy 2000 0.5-4
Galvanized sheet 1000 0.5-1.2
Galvanized sheet 1500 0.5-1.8
Galvanized sheet 2000 0.5-2.5

Mini Hand Held Fiber Laser Welding Machine Top configuration laser source Mini body
Low shipping cost Built-in chiller Long-term operation
Fast delivery

Water cooling Laser source Operation panel
Fiber cable Emergency button Power switch
Welding head Metal cabinet Universal wheel

01 Laser Welding Head
Flexible, fast, good at precision welding


02 Operation panel

Simple operation, different fiber types and widths can be set.

03 Laser Source

Internationally famous laser source (Max/Raycus/JPT), stable laser power, long life, good welding effect and beautiful welding seam.



Constant temperature cold water machine, condensation and rapid cooling, to ensure the constant temperature.

05 Wire Feeder
Automatic wire feeder



Suitable for long-distance operation, wide range, flexible and convenient.

Laser welding machine Wire feeder Laser source
Water cooling Full set of the nozzle Control panel
Welding head Protective lens goggles


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