Utilization of UV Laser Marking Machine

Glass is created through the fusion of silica and various chemical compounds, primarily comprising soda ash, limestone, and quartz. As it cools, its viscosity increases gradually, leading to the solidification of silicate nonmetallic elements. As a synthetic material, it emanates a serene and pristine essence, showcasing the allure of virtual reality, light, shadow, imagery, spacetime, and intrigue. Although glass possesses beauty, it is not without flaws.

Hence, designers utilize diverse tools to embellish glass with hues, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of glass products. The UV laser marking machine has surpassed conventional techniques, remedying past limitations such as low precision, intricate drawing processes, material damage, and environmental pollution. With its distinct processing advantages, it has emerged as a preferred option for glass product manufacturing and has been deemed an indispensable tool in various industries including wine glass crafting, artisanal gifts, and others.

The UV laser marking machine is a part of the laser marking machine series, distinguished by its utilization of a 355nm UV laser. Employing third-order intracavity frequency doubling technology, this machine boasts a remarkably small focused spot compared to infrared lasers, thereby minimizing material distortion and heat effects during processing. Primarily geared towards ultra-fine marking and engraving, it finds extensive application in sectors such as pharmaceutical packaging marking, micro-hole engraving, rapid glass material separation, and intricate silicon wafer pattern cutting.


  1. The UV laser marking machine comes equipped with an imported violet laser renowned for its outstanding performance, delivering consistent laser power density, precise spot size, and reliable output power.
  2. Featuring a modular design, the machine offers flexibility and can be operated in either automatic or manual mode as per requirement.
  3. With its extensive applicability across various materials, the machine compensates for the limitations of infrared laser processing and enables ultra-fine laser marking.
  4. Boasting a minimal heat-affected zone, the machine effectively mitigates material damage, ensuring high production yield.
  5. Operating without the need for consumables, the machine offers low-cost operation and maintenance.

With support for different languages, font styles, patterns, and laser marking techniques, the UV laser marking machine seamlessly integrates with computer-aided design, enabling users to effortlessly imprint desired messages or patterns onto products, adding a touch of casual elegance.

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