Laser marking machine becomes an intelligent “artist” for ceramic products

Ceramics are our country’s traditional arts and crafts, which have a high artistic value and are famous around the world. In recent years, with the in-depth advancement of national green environmental protection policies and changes in the consumer market, the development model of the ceramic industry has shifted from focusing on “volume growth” in the past to “adjustment and optimization of stocks, optimization and improvement of increments”. To this end, the promotion of in-depth application of new technologies, new brands, and new services has become the main trend in the innovative development of the ceramic industry.

Traditional marking ceramic processes include etching, engraving, grinding or inkjet printing for secondary sintering. However, these marking methods will cause damage to ceramic products, especially etching, engraving and grinding. Although inkjet coding is effective, it leaves chemical toxic residues after use, which not only pollutes the environment but also endangers the health of workers. It is an internationally recognized Products being filtered gradually.

As a new type of green and environmentally friendly technology, laser marking technology is the earliest technology to develop laser technology and has the highest penetration rate. It can be used for personalized logo marking of art ceramics, industrial ceramics, and daily ceramics. Compared with traditional marking technology, It has the advantages of high precision, good anti-counterfeiting, strong label traceability, less environmental pollution, and low operating costs. At the same time, laser marking has been widely used in optical fiber communications, laser space long-distance communications, industrial processing, military defense and security, medical equipment and instruments, large-scale infrastructure and other fields, and has gradually replaced traditional industrial marking processes.

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