100W Laser Rust Removal Cleaning Machine

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Products Description

Introducing the LaserDelta Backpack Portable Laser Cleaning Machine – your key to unparalleled mobility and precision in surface cleaning. With its innovative backpack design, this machine ensures freedom of movement, allowing you to effortlessly navigate diverse work environments. The ergonomic design prioritizes user comfort during extended use, while the handheld laser cleaning head guarantees precise cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. Revolutionize your cleaning processes with the perfect blend of portability and precision.

DeltaClean Pack Portable Pulse Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Products Key Features

Detachable shoulder strap

Laser Clean Head

The handheld laser cleaning head design incorporates safety features to protect the operator and ensure safe operation. This may include features such as a safety lock mechanism, safety interlocks, or integrated sensors to prevent accidental laser emission and promote safe handling.

Indicator light

Safety Warning Light

The inclusion of a safety warning light aligns with safety standards and guidelines for laser devices. It helps meet regulatory requirements by providing a clear indication of the laser’s operational status and ensuring that safety protocols are followed.

Products Applications

Before                                                                                  After

1 sample1-uncleaned1 sample1-cleaned

Before                                                                                  After

3 sample3-uncleaned3 sample3-cleaned

The LaserDelta Backpack Portable Laser Cleaning Machine is an indispensable tool for industrial surface restoration. Whether you’re dealing with rust, coatings, or contaminants on metal surfaces, this machine delivers precision and efficiency. The backpack design allows operators to navigate complex industrial settings effortlessly, making it the ideal choice for manufacturing plants, automotive workshops, and metal fabrication facilities. Revolutionize your industrial cleaning processes with the power of laser technology.


Q: Is laser cleaner safe?

A: When used and set up appropriately, laser cleaning is safe for operators, employees, and the environment.
Cleaning lasers fall into category IV, so it is necessary to follow certain rules for safe use. Our lasers usually have a wavelength of 1064-1070nm, this is an area of infrared radiation, i. e. invisible to the human eye.

Q: How Wide Is The Laser Beam?

A: The beam itself is a small point, and then you need mirrors to process the beam, so you can scatter it into random shapes (lines, circles, rectangles, ellipses, etc.). So the operating width depends on the size you set, depends on the optics you use.

Q: How does a laser remove material?

A: The layers to be removed absorb laser light, the material heats up and vaporizes at corresponding points. Depending on the wavelength, frequency and power,the laser penetrates different depths of the material and blows off the desired layers.

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