Application Of Laser Welding Process In Automobile Industry–Laser Welding Robot

Laser welding has the advantages of high precision, high cleanliness, environmental friendliness, common processing of various materials, and high efficiency. Widely used in high-end precision manufacturing fields such as the automotive industry. Today, we will introduce the application of laser welding in the automotive industry.

There are three main types of laser welding used in the manufacturing process of the automobile industry: laser welding of body and sub-assemblies, laser splicing of unequal thick plates, and laser welding of auto parts. The application of laser welding in the automobile industry can reduce the weight of automobiles, improve maneuverability, reduce fuel consumption, and also improve product quality and technological advancement.

Laser splicing is used in the design and manufacture of the car body. Through laser cutting and assembly technology, plates of different thicknesses, materials and properties are connected into a whole, and then stamped into a part of the car body. Laser splicing panels are widely used in various parts of the car body, such as trunk reinforcement panels, trunk interior panels, shock absorber brackets, rear wheel covers, side inner panels, door inner panels, front floors, front longitudinal beams, bumpers, and beams , Wheel covers, B-pillar connectors, center pillars, etc.

Laser welding of auto parts has the advantages of almost no deformation of the welding part, fast welding speed, and no need for post-weld heat treatment. Laser welding is currently widely used in the manufacture of gearbox gears, valve push rods, door hinges, drive shafts, steering shafts, exhaust pipes, clutches, turbocharger shafts, chassis and other auto parts.


To meet the needs of laser welding in the automotive industry, Delta Laser launched a 3D robot fiber laser welding machine – XB10 R1206.

The machine adopts high-quality domestic industrial robots with high positioning accuracy and large processing range. It has a six-axis linkage and can weld three-dimensional parts of the car.

The machine can be controlled by a handheld terminal, and its compact structure allows it to operate efficiently even in harsh and restricted places. The machine is equipped with a non-contact seam tracking system, which detects and corrects seam deviation in real time to ensure welding quality.

According to customer needs, design a reasonable safety protection device to prevent laser radiation from causing harm to personnel during welding.
The machine can also be designed for multi-station cooperative work, alternate loading and unloading, high flexibility, automatic control, and improve the efficiency of automobile welding.

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