Delta Marker P10 Series Portable Air-cooled UV laser marker

Small and portable design make the work more convenient
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Product description

The UV desktop air-cooled laser has three output wavelengths for customers to choose, 355nm UV. For 355nm ultraviolet laser, the average output power is 1-5W optional. The laser repetition frequency is adjustable within the range of 20KHz-200KHz, and the laser beam quality M square factor is less than 1.2. One-piece design,the internal drive circuit boardisintegrated, and the laser output can be obtained by connecting the external 12V power supply. Without adjusting frame manufacturing process, the laser has stable mechanical performance and can run stably for a long time.

Features and advantages

1.All-in-one design

2.Strong mechanical stability

3.Strong resistance to external temperature interference

4.Good beam quality

5.Long-term work stability is high, 24/7 industrial application

6.CLASS 1000 clean room installation

7.RS232 remote computer control

8.External TTL and PWM control

9.Repetition frequency 20-200 kHz adjustable

Product description

1.Laser Marking

2.Micro hole machining

3.Ceramic cutting

4.Rapid prototyping

5.Scientific research

6.Material micromachining

7.Thin film etching

8.Wafer cutting

Air-cooled laser optical performance parameter table

Wavelength 355nm 355nm
Output power >3W 30KHz >5W 40KHz
Maximum pulse energy 0.1mJ 30KHz 0.12mJ 40KHz
Pulse Repetition Frequency 1-150KHz 1-150KHz
Pulse duration <15ns 30KHz <18ns 30KHz
Average power stability <3% <3%
Spatial mode TEM00   (M²< 1.5 TEM00   (M²< 1.5
Polarization ratio >100:1 Horizontal >100:1 Horizontal
1/e2 beam diameter at output 0.7mm 0.8mm
Beam circularity >90% >90%

Laser spot roundness

Laser long axis spot diameter/um:1730

Laser short axis spot diameter/um:1618

Laser spot roundness :93%

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