Suitcase Laser Cleaning Machine

Temperature:10-40 ℃ Power:< 7KW Voltage:Single Phase 220V, 50/60HZ
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Product Introduction

Model DL-CL50 DL-CL100 DL-CL200
Laser source Fiber Laser Fiber Laser Fiber Laser
Laser Power 50W 100W 200W
Fiber cable Length 10M 10M 10M
Wavelength 1080nm 1080nm 1080nm
Frequency 50-5000 Hz 50-5000 Hz 50-5000 Hz
Cleaning Head Single Axis Single Axis Single Axis
Clean speed ≤60 M²/Hour ≤60 M²/Hour ≤70 M²/Hour
Cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
Dimension 98*68*64cm 98*68*64cm 98*68*64cm
Packing size 98*68*64cm 98*68*64cm 98*68*64cm
Net Weight 80KGS 80KGS 80KGS
Gross Weight 93KGS 93KGS 93KGS
Optional Manual Manual Manual
Temperature 10-40 ℃ 10-40 ℃ 10-40 ℃
Power < 7KW < 7KW < 7KW
Voltage Single Phase 220V, 50/60HZ Single Phase 220V, 50/60HZ Single Phase 220V, 50/60HZ



Intake filter – Mains power connector 4-Pin waterproof plug
Double layer screen protector Fuse 12-Pin waterproof plug
Silent wheel


Display screen Safety emergency stop switch Portable handling
Indicator Key switch Portable handling
Materials environmentally friendly Power cable Winding Protection cable
Glasses cleaning towel- Optional lens Laser head
Special laser safety glasses


Controlling software
1. Multiple language options
2. Various parameters can be adjusted
3. Multiple plot shapes

Hidden storage

The compact design maximizes the storage of accessories


Touch screen

Touch screen, easy to operate, can be configured with various Parameters and controls real-time laser.

Handheld cleaning head

1.Field lenses of different sizes can be replaced, and a variety of cleaning areas can be selected.

2.The ultra-mini portable cleaning head weighs only 0.5KG.

3.Replaceable auto focus cleaning head integrated in automation.


Tie rod design
Easy to carry, no problem if it is too heavy

Hidden storage

The compact design maximizes the storage of accessories


Laser source

stable, efficient, basically maintenance free. Good experience and low cost.

Cooling air inlet

Uniquely designed portable detachable dust net, better air intake, dustproof and dirt-proof, easy to disassemble and maintain.



Use power directly Universal 220V power supply, plug and play.

Environmental friendly
Industrial cleaning method, fast and low dust


APPLICATION FIELD Nuclear power industry Transportation industry
Auto parts Tire mold Railway
High end machine tools

CLEANLNG RUST Rust cleaning Scale cinder cleaning
Stainless steel polishing Layered paint cleaning Laser cleaning of paint layer
Weld laser cleaning Coating cleaning Auto parts cleaning
oil cleaning


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