M5 Pro Laser Marking Machine

Beam Diameter:6-9mm Pulse Width:100(80~120)ns Frequency:20~120KHz
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Product Introduction

Laser System DeltaMark M5 PRO
Laser Source 1064nm Q-switched Fiber Laser
Nominal Laser Power 20W
Beam Quality M² <1.4
Beam Diameter 6-9mm
Pulse Width 100(80~120)ns
Frequency 20~120KHz
Peak Power 7.4KW
Long-term Power Instability 5%
Cooling System Air Cooled
Aiming Diode Intergrated Visible Red Laser Diode, λ=635nm, 10-50mW
General Information
Machine Net Weight 10KG
Machine Gross Weight 12KG
Packing Dimention (Carton Box) 56*56*22CM
Electrical Connection Values 115V-230VAC 50-60Hz
Operating Temperature +10 to +35 °C (46 to 95°F)
Humidity < 90% non-condensing
Scan Head
F-Theta Lens FL 160 (Standard)
Marking Area 100*100mm
Spot Size in Focus 0.15mm
Min. Line Width 0.01mm
Min. Character 0.15mm
Working Distance (to Lens) 112±1mm
CCD Function Optional
Scan Speed Up to 4000 mm/s (Optional: 8000mm/s)
Communication Interface
PC Interface USB 2.0
Digtial Output Rotary axis and pedal are available
Marking Software EZCAD
Marking Software
Min. Hardware Requirements 1GHz or equal, USB 2.0
Operating System Windows XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
Min. Memory RAM as recommended by OS, 100MB on HDD for Marking Software
Display SVGA Color
Fonts True-Type ( filled/unfilled), Single-Line Fonts
Orientation User Defined
Letter Spacing User Defined
Arc Text Scalable and adjustable
Elements Line, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse (filled/ unfilled)
Formats Vector: *.plt, *.dxf, *.ai, *.svg; BMP: *.bmp, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png;
Wide Range of Laser Workstations / Work Area Enclosures
Vacuum System


20W Fiber Laser Mini Marking Machine 360° rotating marking
Mini body Foldable Fast and accurate


laser source
Our products use big brand lasers with high stability and get perfect marking effect

Galvo head
High accuracy, automated calibration, low temperature, high focus, high stability, and high precision.


Control system
Use cutting-edge software that delivers consistent performance and excellent dependability. Prior to delivery of the equipment, software and parameter settings are supplied.

Dual red light indicators

Simply make a little adjustment and let the double red dots to overlap to find the focus length to use the double red light to help you.


Field lens
In terms of aberration correction, the field curvature and distortion of the system can be compensated.


Multiple column slots can better stabilize the items to be operated


Easily spin the lift to change the precision for a finer carving result and more accurate calibration.

Fiber marking machine Field lens Protective glasses
Foot switch Power cable wrench


Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control? Is quality your first priority?

A: The raw materials we utilized are eco-friendly (AII).

2) Skilled employees take great care handling the production and packing operations.

3) A daily quality check is carried out by the quality control team on each process.

Q: How can we get training for machine operation?

A complete set of electric instructions will be delivered. You can obtain training in the three primary ways listed below:

1) Video lessons & e-manuals.

2) Private video chat.

3) If required. We are able to deploy engineers to your area to conduct field training sessions.

Q: How I can get the machine after-sale service in our country?

A: 1) Depending on the model, the laser machine has a one to three-year guarantee starting on the day it left the factory.

2) If there are any issues with the equipment while it is under warranty, we will provide free maintenance. The maintenance procedure can be conducted through face-to-face video chat, we can email the necessary videos, or we can send our engineers to your area.

3) If any machine parts malfunction due to non-human reasons within the guarantee term, we will replace them for free.

4) Even after the warranty has ended, we will continue to offer technical support and paid repair services.

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