Delta Marker H8 Suitcase DT-20H Handheld fiber laser marking machine

Average output power:20W Handheld and portable, wireless marking 6-8 hours long battery life
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Product selling point

1.Average output power:20W

2.Handheld and portable, wireless marking

3.6-8 hours long battery life


LaserDelta DT-20H handheld smart laser machine is a portable,battery-powered and fully autonomous marking machine!Thanks toits powerful 24V rechargeable lithium battery power supply system,it can maintain 6-8 hours of work under normal use,withstrong endurance and no cable drag,avoiding the embarrassment of sudden power failure during use.ts light weight and multi-functionality make it especially suitable for perfect marking on large,heavy or difficult workpieces.

LaserDelta DT-20H is powerful,sturdy and reliable.The weight of the machine is 6 kg.Its marking head is only 1.25 kg.It has an ergonomic grip,comfortable to hold and easy to operate.Rear USB interface,software support:text,pattern,two-dimensional code,barcode,serial number,graphics and other marking content.In addition,H8 also has a special box that isconvenient for storage and can be carried to different locations.It is one of the smallest rechargeable laser marking machines onthe market!


Model DT-20H






Output power 20W
Beam quality M22 ≤1.4
Pulse repetition frequency 27-60  kHz
Laser wavelength 1064±5
Output power stability <3%
Design life About  100,000 working  hours  (lifetime)





Marking range 80mm
Engraving depth ≤1mm  (depending on  power and time)
Engraving speed ≤10000mm/s
Repeat accuracy ±0.002
Minimum marking line width 0. 1mm
Minimum character height 0.15mm



Battery life It can work for 6-8 hours  under  normal  use
cooling method Built-in air cooling
System power supply 500W /  100-240V / 50/60Hz




Operating system Linux operating system
File format The software supports text,  pattern, two-dimensional code,  barcode,

serial number, graphics and other  marking content (standard  USB  input)

Dimensions Control chassis: 250X135X195  mm  Marking  head: 250X120X260  mm
Total Weight Machine 6kg,  marking  head  1.25kg


Automobile manufacturing industry、Aerospace industry、Metal processing industry、Agricultural Machinery & Construction Machinery Industry、Household appliances industry、Energy industry


Wireless marking

  • Configure24Vlithium battery to achieve complete wireless
  • Itcankeep working for 6-8 hours under normal use, with strong endurance
  • Automaticstart-stopdesign, automatic shutdown after 60    seconds of standby, saving power and reducing  consumption

100% portable

  • Theweightof the whole machine is 6KG, the marking head is    only 1.25KG, it is small and light, and it can be printed on the go
  • Especiallysuitablefor marking on large, heavy or difficult workpieces
  • Specialsuitcasefor easy transportation

High-quality laser source

  • UsingadvancedMAX fiber 20W laser source
  • Highelectro-opticalconversion efficiency, good output beam quality and high reliability
  • Itcanbe flexibly applied to non-metallic materials and some non-metallic materials

Simple operating system

  • LaserDelta’sindependentand independent coding system, powerful and easy to operate
  • Supporttext,pattern, QR code, barcode, serial number, graphics, etc.
  • Thehostuses the Linux system, which has reliable security and stability

Product features

1.The whole machine weighs 6KG and is light and portable.

Powerful and reliable, the weight of the whole machine is 6 kg, and its marking head is only 1.25 kg. It has an ergonomic grip,    comfortable to hold and easy to operate.

2.Long battery life, 6-8 hours working time

It uses 24V lithium battery to achieve complete wireless, which can maintain work for 6-8 hours under normal use, and has strong endurance.

3.The machine can be charged while working

Increase the power control design, the equipment can be charged and played while working, to achieve Continuous work to improve processing efficiency

4.Automatic start and stop design, saving electricity and reducing consumption

Added an automatic start-stop design, which automatically shuts down after 60 seconds of standby, and restarts by tapping the screen; the standby time can be customized to effectively save unnecessary power consumption

5.Eight-core CPU, configure Linux system

The host adopts an 8-core processor and is equipped with a Linux system with a high level of security. Performance Stable, fast response speed, not easy to be poisoned and downtime

6.Diversified marking content, support language customization

Rear USB interface, software support: text, pattern, QR code, barcode, serial number, graphics and other marking content, support operating system language customization

7.LOGO can be customized

The boot page of the operating system and the LOGO in the upper left corner can be customized


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