300w Laser Obstacle Remover

300w Laser Obstacle Remover: Remote ( working distance _ 0-400 meters ) , short operating time ( seconds to minutes ), no need to climb; There is no need for power outage operations , and it will not affect people's livelihood and economy; Ultra-clear camera 42 Optical zoom , 16x Multi- fold digital zoom for clear observation 300M target; Night vision function , meeting the requirements of night operation.
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Product Introduction

product model DT-300QZ DT-500QZ DT-700QZ DT-1000QZ
Laser power 300W 500W 700W 1000
Effective working
0~300M 0~300M 0~400M 0~400M
working temperature -25℃~+40℃ -25℃~+40℃ - 25 ℃~+50 ℃ -25 ℃~+50 ℃
working humidity 10%RH~90% RH
Laser wavelength 1080±5nm
host size 650x526x380mm 650x526x380m 711x601x353mm 711x601x353mm _
Host weight ≤40kg ≤40kg ≤55kg ≤55kg
battery size 340*150*210mm 340*150*210mm 420 x 320 x 190mm 420 x 320 x 190mm
battery weight ≤13kg ≤13kg ≤19kg ≤19kg
single battery
continuous working
≥ 90 minutes ≥ 90 minutes ≥ 40 minutes ≥ 40 minutes
camera parameters optical zoom 42 times
focal length 6~
optical zoom 42 times
focal length 6~
optical zoom 42 times
focal length 7~
optical zoom 42 times
focal length 7~

Advantages Of LASERDELTA® 300w Laser Obstacle Remover:

● Remote monitoring function , on-site operation , equipment status and other information are transmitted wirelessly back to the platform in real time .

●The direction of the laser light is controlled by the electronic pan/tilt to realize the precise control of the laser .




Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control? Is quality your first priority?

A: 1)AII the raw material we used are Environmental-friendly.

2) Skillful workers care every detail in handing the producing and packing processes. 3) Quality control team daily responsible for quality checking in each process.


Q: How can we get training for machine operation?

A: Whole set of electric manuals will be sent during shipping. You can get the training through following three mainly ways:

1) E-manuals & Video tutorials.

2) One on one Video Chat.

3) If necessary. we can send engineers to your local to provide field training courses.


Q: How I can get the machine after-sale service in our country?

A: 1) The laser machine has a 1~3-year warranty period (Depends on model) and counting from the date of ex-factory.

2) Within the warranty period, we can maintain the machine for free if the machine has any problems. The maintenance process can through video chat by face to face or we send the related video or send our engineers to your local.

3) If any machine parts caused by non-human factors within warranty period, we can provide free replacement

4) We will still provide technical support and payable repairing service even warranty expired.

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