What Industries Can Common Optical Fiber Transmission Laser Welding Machines Be Applied To?

Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine is widely used and is a new type of welding method commonly used at present. The laser welding machine is composed of two parts: “welding table” and “welding host”. The laser welding machine couples the emitted laser beam into the optical fiber. Then the parallel beam is focused on the product for continuous welding. The continuity of the light during welding makes the actual welding effect stronger and the welding seam more delicate and beautiful.


So, what are the main advantages of optical fiber transmission laser welding?

Optical fiber transmission laser welding can achieve practical effects such as fast welding speed, small deformation, and no bubbles.

During the welding process, the fiber laser welding machine can adopt non-contact laser welding on the inaccessible parts of the product, which is more flexible and convenient in operation and use;

In addition, the welding machine is also equipped with a CCD camera real-time monitoring system, which makes the welding positioning more accurate, makes it easy to observe the energy distribution of the welding spot during the welding process, and greatly improves the aesthetics of the welding product;

At the same time, the optical fiber transmission laser welding machine can also help enterprises realize automation in production, and can also process and produce multiple laser beams at the same time, thereby realizing mass production of products.


Which industries are optical fiber transmission laser welding machines currently used in?

The optical fiber transmission laser welding machine has become more and more intelligent, and has become a high-end product in the welding field, and is very popular in the precision welding industry. This machine is suitable for welding various metals and their alloy materials, and can also precisely weld various metal parts. At present, it has been widely used in high-end industries such as instrumentation, electromechanical products, aerospace equipment, shipbuilding, and automobile manufacturing.

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