What Role Does Laser Processing Equipment Play In The Agricultural Machinery Industry

The rapid development of the agricultural machinery industry and the acceleration of product upgrading have put forward an urgent demand for modern processing technology. Advanced processing methods such as CNC laser processing can shorten the product development cycle and improve product production efficiency, especially for complex parts in newly developed products, it is more advantageous to use laser processing equipment for processing.

What are the advantages of laser processing equipment in the agricultural machinery industry?

The sheet metal parts of agricultural machinery products are generally made of 4-6mm steel plates. Most of the products are produced in small batches. There are many kinds of sheet metal parts and the update speed is fast. Traditional sheet metal processing parts are usually made by stamping machines, which cause a lot of consumption.

With the help of modern CAD/CAM software, laser processing equipment can cut many complex structural parts into any shape, and multiple workpieces can be installed alternately.

Analysis of China’s Agricultural Machinery Market Status and Development Prospects in 2022 In recent years, my country’s agricultural machinery equipment level and agricultural mechanization level have been greatly improved. Advanced processing methods such as lasers are required to shorten the product development cycle and improve product production efficiency. In particular, laser cutting of complex parts in newly developed products is more advantageous.

Laser processing will gradually become an indispensable processing method in agricultural machinery production, a new growth point to improve the modernization of agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing, and an important technical support for the transformation of traditional agricultural machinery manufacturing.

Delta Laser’s laser processing equipment such as laser cutting machines, laser pipe cutting machines and laser welding machines are widely used in various agricultural machinery processing and production, providing professional and complete technical services and solutions for a large number of agricultural machinery manufacturing customers, and equipment sales are in the industry. leading position.


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