An Important Breakthrough Has Been Made In Domestic High-Power Ultraviolet Lasers!

High-power UV lasers are widely used in wafer scribing, ceramic substrate cutting, silicon-based substrate drilling, flexible circuit board cutting and many other fields. With the continuous improvement of processing fineness and production efficiency, the requirements for the beam quality, output power and stability of ultraviolet lasers are getting higher and higher.

Laser Delta has been committed to the development and innovation of laser technology for a long time, especially in high-power UV lasers, it has done a lot of innovative and pioneering work, and has developed high-power, high-beam quality, and high-stability UV lasers to meet the needs of laser Micromachining needs.

Through in-depth research on ultraviolet laser technology, Laser Delta has summarized three major factors that affect the power improvement and long-term stability of ultraviolet lasers, including the thermal effect of the laser, the damage of the triple frequency crystal, the imbalance of the optical path and the long-term stability. Solving the technical bottlenecks in these three aspects greatly improves the performance of the UV laser, thereby realizing the UV laser with high power, high beam quality and high stability.

High-power UV can effectively solve power attenuation, and has superior beam quality and pulse stability, so you can use it without worry.

Regarding the thermal effect of lasers, Laser Delta has taken the lead in developing wavelength-locked laser diode resonance pumping technology in China. Through the optimization of different crystal parameters (doping concentration, temperature, length) and pump parameters (pump power density and mode matching) , which effectively reduces the thermal effect of the laser, increases the mode volume of the oscillating light, and improves the light-to-optical conversion efficiency and beam quality of the fundamental frequency light, providing a strong precondition for the realization of high-power ultraviolet laser output.

In terms of anti-damage of frequency triple crystals, Laser Delta reasonably designed the laser resonator to meet the mode matching conditions while reducing the optical power density of the end face of the triple frequency crystal and increasing the upper limit of the output power of ultraviolet lasers. At the same time, the gas microcirculation system in the cavity and the de-metallization technology in the cavity are used to effectively control the volatiles generated in the cavity and improve the service life of the triple frequency crystal.

In terms of the misalignment and long-term stability of the optical path, Laser Delta adopts unique optical path compensation technology and optimization of the resonator to reduce the misalignment sensitivity of the optical resonator and improve the stability of the optical path. Through the mechanical analysis and calculation of the shell and optical mechanical parts, a highly stable optical mechanical structure is designed, and the deformation of the material is reduced through special processing methods and heat treatment schemes to ensure the long-term stability of the laser.

Laser Delta has developed a high-power, high-beam quality, high-stability 30W-class, long-life 355nm UV laser through multi-dimensional technical research on high-power UV lasers. Long-term stability, can be widely used in the field of laser micromachining.

Laser DELTA can provide UV laser marking machine and UV laser marking solution for you.


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