50W Portable Laser Rust Removal Machine

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Product Description


50W portable laser rust removal machine

Precision meets perfection in aerospace component cleaning with the LaserDelta 50W portable laser rust removal machine. Tailored for the aerospace industry, this machine excels in removing contaminants from aircraft components, engine parts, and sensitive surfaces. The backpack design facilitates movement around large aircraft, while the adjustable parameters of the handheld laser cleaning head provide optimal cleaning without compromising the integrity of aerospace materials. Trust in the precision and reliability of this machine for aerospace cleaning challenges.



Product Introduction Video

Laser Cleaner with Backpack

Detachable shoulder strap●Versatility: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering flexibility in different working environments.
●Hands-free Operation: Securely strapped to the back, providing hands-free operation for efficient and controlled cleaning tasks.



Laser cleaning headLaser Cleaning Head

●Ergonomic design for user comfort during extended cleaning sessions.
●Greater maneuverability and flexibility for accessing hard-to-reach areas.




Q: How much power does this machine have?

A: This laser cleaning machine offers two models: 50W and 100W.


Q: Does the laser work in all environmental conditions?

A: The laser works in the following ‘normal’ conditions: temperatures between 0 and 38°C, and humidity is between 25 and 55%. If the environment is too hot, cold or humid, LaserDelta suggests using climatization and/or dehumidification.


Q: Will Laser Cleaning work with my application?

A: Laser cleaning can benefit many applications, if you’re unsure feel free to contact us, we can offer you advice and or schedule an onsite demonstration so you can see first hand what this technology can do. Our applications page has more information on what Pulse Laser Cleaners are suited for.

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