Materials marked using CO2 laser marking machines and UV laser marking machines

In our lives, laser marking machines have gradually become more visible, aiming to enhance anti-counterfeiting measures. Each batch of products is marked by a laser marking machine for identification, ensuring consumer confidence and user reassurance. Are there clear regulations regarding the materials utilized in laser marking machines?

CO2 laser marking machines primarily target wood products, acrylics, and leather. These categories encompass materials suitable for CO2 laser marking machines. Conversely, fiber laser marking machines are exclusively designed for removing paint from product materials.

The UV laser marking machine represents a precise laser marking apparatus capable of producing effects on materials with a UV layer. It is tailored specifically for various plastic materials, making it an ideal choice for many compatible equipment such as wires, chargers, and earphones. Nonetheless, users with less stringent requirements on the outcome may opt for a fiber laser marking machine. Notably, the accuracy of the UV laser marking machine surpasses that of the other two models, making it indispensable for products demanding high precision like high-end chips. Moreover, the UV laser marking machine isn’t limited to plastics; it can also be utilized for materials like glass, porcelain, and others.

The materials utilized by different types of lasers vary, covering a wide range of industries. Unlike traditional laser marking machines, this product employs methods such as steel sealing and inkjet for contact marking, adhering strictly to ROHS certification standards. Consequently, consumers can rest assured that laser marking for production dates, logos, and other purposes is safe and free from harmful substances.

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