Laser marking for eyewear anti-counterfeiting technology

With the growth of the economy, the number of products on the market is also increasing day by day. In order to avoid malicious competition in the market and crack down on counterfeit products, many businesses will use anti-counterfeiting technology to carry anti-counterfeiting labels on their own products. The same is true for the market in the eyewear industry.
They will use laser marking technology to mark their own product logos.

Advanced anti-counterfeiting technology for eyeglass lenses-laser marking

Many eyeglass manufacturers use laser marking machines to mark their information on eyeglass frames or lenses. The high energy of the laser marking machine will cause the spectacle frame or spectacle lens material to be physically vaporized in a short period of time, leaving the printed pictures or text permanently on the lens or spectacle frame to prevent counterfeiting.
The principle used by the laser marking machine is laser beam focusing.

Advantages of this low-power laser marking machine

1. The mark can remain durable and has obvious anti-counterfeiting effect
2. Enhance the brand effect of glasses
3. Short engraving time and high output
4. Does not produce harmful chemicals

So how should glasses manufacturers choose a laser marking machine to mark glasses?

First of all, it depends on the specific materials of the frames and lenses of the glasses you buy.
Secondly, if possible, you can send these materials to the manufacturer of the laser marking machine for trial printing.

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