What is the difference between a laser marking machine and a laser engraving machine?

What is the difference between a laser engraving machine and a laser marking machine, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

laser marking machine
It uses laser beams to mark permanent marks on the surfaces of various materials.

Laser marking machines can be divided into CO2 laser marking machines, semiconductor laser marking machines, YAG laser marking machines, and fiber laser marking machines according to different lasers.
The computer control system is the control and command center of the entire laser marking machine, and is also the carrier for software installation. The laser marking machine should be used in a dust-free, 10℃-35℃ environment as much as possible, and the optical components should be kept dry and dust-free.
Laser marking machines are mainly used in situations that require finer and higher precision.

Laser engraving machine
Mainly used for cutting large blister characters.

Two-color board engraving, plexiglass engraving and cutting, sign engraving, crystal, trophy engraving, authorization plate engraving, etc.
Leather and clothing processing industry: Carving, cutting, carving and hollowing out complex text and graphics on genuine leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, cloth, and fur. Cutting and engraving in the craft processing, clothing, underwear, home decoration, gloves, handbags, shoes, hats, toys and car decoration industries transcend fashion and highlight individuality.
Handicraft industry: Carving exquisite patterns and text on wood, bamboo chips, ivory, bone, leather, marble shells and other materials. Model industry: making sand table architectural models and aircraft models, etc. ABC board cutting, multi-layer board cutting, etc.
Packaging industry: engraving and printing rubber plates, plastic plates, double-layer plates, die cutting plates, etc.
Product identification industry: equipment nameplates, product anti-counterfeiting marking, etc.
Other industries: engraving marks on marble, granite, glass, crystal and other decorative materials, paper cutting, craft cutting of greeting cards and other paper products, etc.

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