What Are The Characteristics Of Laser Processing And The Influencing Factors Of Laser Processing?

Laser processing is the most commonly used application of laser systems. According to the mechanism of the interaction between the laser beam and the material, it can be roughly divided into two categories: laser thermal processing and photochemical reaction processing.


As far as the current technology is concerned, the main characteristics of laser processing technology are:

① Good focusing performance, concentrated energy, small heat-affected area, and high processing accuracy;

② Non-contact processing, no pollution to the workpiece, no mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the processed material;

③ High degree of automation, saving labor costs;

④ No need for molds, suitable for processing large workpieces;

⑤ It is not limited by the quantity of processing, and can be put into mass production;

⑥Using computer programming, precise processing, high material utilization rate, and reduced production costs;

⑦ Good adaptability, it can work in the atmosphere and also in a vacuum environment;

⑧The processing is non-inert and the processing speed is fast;

⑨Wide processing range, high power density, can process almost any material.


There are 4 main types of factors affecting laser processing performance:

①Laser characteristics. Continuous output mode / pulse mode, wavelength, power, pulse frequency and duty cycle, etc.

②Lens parameters. The shape of the lens affects the focal length, which in turn affects the size and depth of the laser action area.

③The characteristics of the processing material itself, mainly including the material oxidation characteristics, melting point, specific heat capacity, etc.

④Other factors. Such as oxygen supply speed, gas flow pressure, etc.

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