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The energy crisis has promoted the development of new energy vehicles, and as the power source of new energy vehicles, the demand for new energy power batteries is increasing at an annual rate of 80%. From the data predicted by GGII, the global demand for power batteries will exceed 1100GWh by 2030, which will increase by more than 10 times compared to the current one. In view of this situation, domestic battery manufacturers are constantly increasing their production capacity to meet market demand, but due to limitations in many fields such as equipment and raw materials, the production capacity of battery manufacturers has not reached 100% utilization rate. As the pre-process of the new energy battery welding process, the processing efficiency and quality of laser cleaning will directly affect the welding performance of the battery, thereby affecting the production capacity of the battery. Therefore, the development of high-quality laser products is of great significance for promoting the new development of power batteries.

Figure 1 GGII global power battery shipment forecast

In order to promote the development of the battery industry and improve the production efficiency of battery manufacturers, Raycus specially launched the flag series P500MX pulsed fiber laser, which has greatly improved the performance of the RFL-P250MX.

Water cooling design is more stable

Figure 2 Flag series P500MX real machine test

The new flag series P500MX adopts water cooling method, which has strong adaptability to high temperature environment and can operate under high temperature conditions for a long time. Defect rate caused by laser energy fluctuations.

Greater single pulse energy

Table 1 Flag series P500MX and

RFL-P250MX pulse width frequency parameter comparison

From the comparison of the pulse width and frequency of the flag series P500MX and RFL-P250MX in Table 1, it can be seen that the flag series P500MX not only has twice the power than the RFL-P250MX, but also has a large pulse width of 500ns. The maximum pulse energy in this pulse width segment is up to 2mJ. In multiple pulse width segments and the frequency is higher than the reference frequency of RFL-P250MX, the pulse energy can still maintain a high energy output. Therefore, the overall surface cleaning effect of the material will be significantly better than that of RFL-P250MX.

Faster cleaning efficiency

Figure 3 The sealing plate of a customer’s power battery shell

Figure 3 shows the sealing plate of a power battery case, the black area is the liquid injection hole, and the red area is the battery pole. During the welding process, due to the influence of the electrolyte residue at the injection hole and the oxide layer of the pole, it is easy to produce blowholes and explosion points during welding, resulting in insufficient welding strength and tightness. Therefore, the electrolyte here needs to be removed before welding. And oxide layer removal, we use RFL-P250MX and flag series P500MX as light sources to clean the three positions respectively. The test results are shown in Table 2:

Table 2 RFL-P250MX and

Flag series P500MX pole cleaning test comparison

Figure 4 Comparison of RFL-P250MX before and after cleaning

Figure 5 Comparison of the flag series P500MX before and after cleaning

It can be seen from the cleaning results in the table above that both lasers can meet the technical requirements for cleaning power batteries before welding. The surface roughness can reach below 2um, and the depth can reach above 7um. Both the electrolyte and the oxide layer can be effectively removed, which provides conditions for subsequent stable welding. In terms of cleaning effect, the flag series P500MX is close to the RFL-P250MX; in terms of production efficiency, the flag series P500MX is twice as high as the RFL-P250MX. It creates more profit.

Flag Series P500MX

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