D9 series UV flying laser coding machine

Average output power: 30W/40W/60W Marking speed 200m/min No consumables, long-term maintenance-free
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D9 series UV flying laser printer is a high-speed continuous marking model designed to improve productivity, using CRS UV laser with good beam quality and high reliability;100 3MM high 2D codes per minute, and 100 production date digital codes per minute, providing high speed, high throughput applications for marking needs, mainly in the production date, anti- counterfeiting, pharmaceutical and food packaging industries. The model supports automatic coding, serial number, batch number, date, barcode, 2D code, automatic number skipping and other functions to meet the needs of customers in different industries.

UV series flying coding machine is widely used in all kinds of pipes, plastic films, plastic bottle caps and other similar PPR, PVC, PE materials,   etc. Widely used in food and beverage packaging, alcohol, dairy products, electronic components, pharmaceuticals, personal care products,   tobacco, chemical building materials products and other fields of production and effective date, batch number, shift, manufacturer ‘s name and logo and other graphics and text marking.


D9 series Ultraviolet flying laser coder series

The D9 series uses a CRS UV laser with dual red oscillators for easier focus finding , suitable for various laser application control needs; superior beam quality (M² < 1. 2), strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; pulse  width< 12ns@30k, very small heat affected area during processing.


Model Series A Series
Model D9-K03 D9-K05 D9-K10




Laser parameters

Laser Model 3M 5M 10M
  Output power 3W 5W 10W
  Beam quality M² ≤2 ≤2 ≤2
  Pulse repetition frequency 2-200 kHz
  Laser wavelength 355nm
  Output power stability <5%
  Design life Approx. 20,000 operating hours (non-life time)



Optical properties

Marking range 50~300mm(Range optional)
  Engraving depth ≤1mm(Depends on power and  time)
  Engraving speed ≤10000mm/s
  Repetition accuracy ±0.002
  Minimum marker line width 0. 1mm
  Minimum character height 0.15mm

Usage environment

Cooling method Water cooling
  System power supply 1200W / 220V / 50Hz(Connectable to  110V)
  Temperature, humidity 0~40° , 30% ≤RH≤85% ,Air conditioning is required for out-of-range  use
  Oil mist, condensation Not allowed



Other parameters

Operating System Flying coding system
  File format The software supports text, 2D codes, bar codes, running numbers, graphics and other marking content
  External dimensions 660X510X1460 mm
  Packing size Mainframe: 780X330X280 mm Stand: 1340X340X240  mm
  Net weight of the whole machine About 16.3KG; including the bracket about 39.8KG
  Gross weight About 19.3KG; including the bracket about 45.1KG


D9 Series UV Flying Laser Printer Series

With the development  of the  national  economy to drive the  progress  of various  industries ,  assigning  code  marking equipment  plays a pivotal role in the production  line . The unique  personality  of the product  is displayed through the packaging of the coding and marking equipment , which is a key part of the enterprise to win the trust of consumers.

By marking equipment on the three periods (production date, expiration date, batch number) and traceability code given to each product is the demand of various industries, especially the fast moving consumer goods industry, the current main  processing methods are inkjet and laser spray code.

Excellent performance,flexibility and reliability High production effciency with in-line high speed  non-stop laser markingStatic and high-speed flow of the production line can work Marking can be done only in product motion , with higher productivity High productivity.Some printers may have ink clogging the print head This can affect production
Printable serial code, batch number , barcode, 2D code, logo and graphics. Limitations on the number of lines and font size for printing information Print barcodes, lot numbers, simple patterns, etc., with a limited number of linesand font size are limited
Stable and reliable performance, all-weather continuous work, maintenance-free timeLonger time. Minimal maintenance for maximum stable operationtime.Low environmental impact high failure rate. Will be due to environmental temperature and dust changes and clog the nozzle.  Highly inflenced by the environment
Intuitive Windows software with high resolution display interface and clear screen. Make the creation and editing of print information easy and fast Simple display page with low resolution. Only print information can be Simple editing
Simple installation
and easy to use
Simple, lightweight chassis with the smallest  and lightest laser print head available Directly mounted on the production line,suitable for any production space There are large and small volumes,
and some models need to be connected
to external equipment such as air compressors. Connected equipment
Low operating costs,
long-lasting and
Higher one-time purchase price Lower one-time purchase price
Very low operating cost, eliminate unplanned stoppage, equipment can be long-termmaintenance-free operation , no need for special human maintenance, no need for any consumables zero operation cost The printer consumes a large amount of special ink and solvent , and the amount of consumables Large.Replacement of other accessories such as print heads and pumps is costly.Single unitprinter consumables cost between 20,000 and 40,000 yuan
Powerful data processing, strong anti-counterfeiting The control host adopts an embedded flight system with powerful data transmission and processing capabilities. It can connect to all anti-counterfeiting data systems to meet multi-level anti-counterfeiting requirements, and the identification is clear and permanent. It adopts single-chip computer control,  with limited data processing ability and anti-counterfeiting function. Not many functions,clear marking effect,easy to erase and change
Safety and
environmental protection
Does not produce substances harmful to the environment and human body, to the object to be printedIt is an environmentally friendly high-tech product that produces surface scratches. In the food and It has been used in large quantities in the production of food and pharmaceutical products.Comply with GB7247-87;GB10320-8887;GB10320-88 standard nk and solvents are highly volatile substances, which produce more chemical toxic residues and pollute the environment. The chemical composition of the ink and solvent and theodor may penetrate   into the marked object. The international community is also gradually replacing Instead of ink coding equipment



The fastest marking speed laser coding system in the industry, with a marking speed of up to 200M/min (single line of 2MM characters high numbers and letters), suitable for medium and high-speed production lines


CRS high quality UV laser light source, with high The laser beam quality, power stability and pulse stability, easier to integrate. Laser power 3-20W, pulse width, power, frequency are adjustable to meet different process requirements.


Simple integration, lower installation costs and improved positioning Industry-first compact laser marking head flexibility
Installation costs and increased positioning flexibility


The flight model is specially designed for high-speed production lines and can be flexibly combined with production line installations. It can be moved up and down, left and right, and the marking head can also be rotated 360° for marking.

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