Laser Marking Machine Composition Structure

Structure of Laser Marking Machine Components:

  1. Laser Power Supply: The laser marking machine’s power supply provides power to the fiber laser, operating on AC220V AC power. It is typically housed within the control box of the marking machine.
  2. Fiber Laser: Utilizing an imported pulsed fiber laser, this component is responsible for emitting the laser beam. It is installed within the chassis of the marking machine.
  3. Vibration Mirror Scanning System: Comprising an optical scanner and servo control, this system is designed with advanced technologies and materials. The optical scanner employs a servo motor with dynamic magnetic deflection, offering advantages such as large scanning angles, fast working speeds, and high stability. It consists of X and Y directional scanning systems, with laser reflective lenses fixed on servo motor shafts. Each servo motor is controlled by digital signals from the computer to determine its scanning trajectory.
  4. Spotlight System: The focusing system concentrates the parallel laser beam onto a single point using an f-θ lens. Different focal lengths of the lens yield varying marking effects and ranges. The laser marking machine typically comes equipped with a high-performance focusing system, with a standard lens focal length of f=160mm and an effective scanning range of Φ110mm. Users can select different lens models according to their requirements.

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