How to use the marking machine

The H10 handheld inteligent laser machine is a portable, battery powered and fully autonomous
marking machine! Thanks to its powerful 24V rechargeable lithium battery power supply system, it can maintain operation for 11-13 hours under normal use, with strong endurance and no cable drag, avoiding the embarrassment of sudden power failure during use. lt slight weight and versatility make it particularly suitable for perfect marking on large, bulky, or difficult to remove work pieces
The H10 is powerful and reliable,with a marking head of only 1.1 kg. It has ergonomic grip strength
making it comfortable to hold and easy to operate. With a rear USB interface, the software supports marking content such as text, patterns, QR codes, barcodes, serial numbers, and graphics. In addition, the H10 also has a dedicated trolley case that is convenient for stora ge and canbe carried to different locations. It’s currently one of the smallest rechargeable laser marking machines on the market !

Handheld Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine

20w Laser Marking Machine

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