How Is Laser Technology Advancing The Automotive Industry?

With the development of laser application technology, laser welding technology is widely used in many fields such as consumer electronics, ships, aerospace, etc. The automobile manufacturing field is the most widely used industry, such as welding of automobile doors, roofs, side frames, parts and other parts. application.
With the improvement of residents’ living standards, many people have gradually higher requirements for cars. Modern cars not only require performance and practicality, but also require economical and beautiful appearance. The traditional welding method has low efficiency, variability, and low precision. Welding needs and the need for low-cost machining.
Laser welding technology uses high-energy-density laser beams as a heat source. It is a welding method with high welding precision and high efficiency. It has obvious application advantages in automobile manufacturing and is becoming more and more popular.
►Advantage 1: Reduce processing costs
Automobile welding is the combination and assembly of various prefabricated structural parts by welding or riveting. Modern laser welding technology can effectively reduce the number of welding points, optimize the amount of materials, reduce the weight of parts, and reduce costs.

►Advantage 2: Improve production efficiency
Laser welding can realize computer or digital control, and the welding speed is fast, and the welding speed can reach tens of meters per minute, which helps to directly shorten the processing and manufacturing cycle and improve production efficiency.

►Advantage 3: high welding quality, reducing unnecessary decoration
The laser beam can realize the welding of parts in a small range. After welding, the sheet metal materials of the car body are integrally bonded, the surface is smooth and tidy, and the overall texture is textured. There is no need to add additional decorative strips to cover it.

►Advantage 4: Reduce the loss and deformation of machine tools
Laser welding technology is different from the general contact welding method. In the process of applying laser welding technology, no electrodes are needed, and the loss and deformation of the machine tool are very little affected. It can greatly reduce the heat input and reduce the loss caused by heat conduction. Incidence of Adverse Effects.

►Advantage 5: Wide range of weldable materials and high cost performance
The welding of two materials with different physical properties can be realized, such as two metal materials with different resistances, etc., and there is no need to use X-rays for protection during the actual welding process, nor does it need a vacuum environment.


With the expansion of the global automobile market demand, while the automobile manufacturing process is accelerating, the advanced manufacturing technology represented by laser technology is also constantly promoting the upgrading of the automobile manufacturing industry. The handheld laser welding series equipment launched by LaserDelta can help automobile manufacturers improve the quality of welding joints, reduce accidents and accident losses caused by joint problems, and help enterprises reduce costs, increase efficiency, and flexibly respond to market changes.

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