How Do You Mark A Name On Plastic?

Marking a name on plastic can be achieved through various methods, including laser engraving, printing, and labeling. The choice of method depends on factors such as the type of plastic, the desired appearance, permanence, and the equipment or resources available. Here are some common methods for marking a name on plastic:

Laser Engraving:

Laser engraving is a precise and permanent method for marking names and text on plastic surfaces. It is commonly used for materials like acrylic, acrylic, polycarbonate, and more. CO2 lasers or fiber lasers are often used for this purpose. The laser creates a permanent, high-contrast mark by removing a thin layer of material.


Printing names on plastic is a versatile option that allows for various colors and fonts. Several printing methods can be used, including:

Inkjet Printing: Suitable for high-resolution and full-color printing on plastic surfaces. Specialized UV-curable inks may be used for better adhesion.

Screen Printing: Ideal for larger quantities and solid colors. Screen printing inks are available for different plastic types.

Pad Printing: Common for irregular or curved surfaces. It can achieve precise and detailed prints.


Applying adhesive labels or stickers is a straightforward way to mark names on plastic. These labels can be custom-designed and printed, providing flexibility in terms of design and appearance. They are often used for labeling products, equipment, or packaging.

Vinyl Lettering and Decals:

Vinyl lettering and decals are pre-cut adhesive elements that can be applied directly to plastic surfaces to spell out names and text. These are commonly used for signs, displays, and vehicle graphics.

Mechanical Engraving:

For certain plastics, such as acrylic, mechanical engraving using a rotary engraving machine can be employed. This method is suitable for producing deep, permanent markings.

Heat Transfer:

Some plastics, like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), can be marked using heat transfer methods. This involves applying heat to transfer a name or design onto the plastic’s surface.

Handwriting or Etching:

For simple or one-off applications, you can use a fine-tipped permanent marker or etching tool to handwrite names on plastic. This method is less precise but can be useful for quick labeling.

Adhesive Tapes and Labels:

Double-sided adhesive tapes or labels with pre-printed names can be applied to plastic surfaces. This is a quick and easy method for labeling.

Injection Molding:

In some cases, plastic parts can be molded with the name or text directly embedded in the part during the injection molding process. This provides a permanent and integrated marking.

When selecting a method for marking a name on plastic, consider factors such as the plastic type, the desired appearance, the level of permanence required, and the quantity of items to be marked. Some methods, like laser engraving and injection molding, provide durable and permanent markings suitable for industrial or long-term use, while others, like labels and decals, offer flexibility and ease of application.

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