Application of laser flight marking technology in daily necessities

Body lotion, laundry detergent, disinfectant, etc. are common daily necessities in life. They are closely related to people’s lives as daily necessities. In life, it has become a daily habit for people to pay attention to the production date, expiration date and anti-counterfeiting labels of daily necessities.

The three items of production date, expiry date and anti-counterfeiting mark are important information about the product. Consumers use them to identify the authenticity and shelf life of daily necessities. In addition, serial number, batch number, anti-counterfeiting, and QR code , barcodes, and personalized logos are also important. The above information is marked on daily necessities through printing, hot stamping, labeling and other processing methods. After some daily necessities are used for a period of time, important information is blurred or product labels fall off, causing inconvenience to users.

Laser flight marking technology is a cutting-edge and advanced technology. The laser flight marking machine has high marking efficiency and the marked information has the characteristics of long-term preservation, high anti-counterfeiting and high quality. Laser marking technology is suitable for a variety of materials including plastics, wood, ceramics and metals.
Laser marking is a non-contact process. The entire process of laser marking will not cause other damage to the outer packaging of daily necessities. There is no waste of ink consumables and no exhaust gas emissions will cause environmental pollution.

In order to increase production and improve the quality of product packaging, manufacturers have gradually transformed traditional ink coding and labeling methods into flight laser marking on the assembly line. Now, most companies are already using laser marking technology to “engrav” information such as the production date of daily necessities on the outer packaging of the goods. Today, most of the daily necessities in our lives are marked with laser marking technology. Laser marking technology ensures the safety and health of our lives in invisible places.

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