Application Advantages Of Coil Laser Cutting Production Line

1. Continuous cutting production is possible, and the equipment utilization rate is high.

After the coil material is uncoiled and leveled, it is fed by the feeder to the top of the rotating worktable of the laser cutting machine for cutting. With the movement of the worktable, the process of feeding and cutting can be realized, effectively shortening the cutting time of parts and improving the use of the equipment. efficiency.


2. Production is flexible. It can respond to production changes at any time.

When the required parts change, the two-dimensional graphics can be modified through programming software and the required parts can be cut. There is no need to change the equipment hardware structure, and it has the flexibility to manufacture different products.


3. It has automatic typesetting function to reduce the generation of excess waste.

The cutting host system itself has an automatic typesetting function, and it can mix and produce spare parts at any time according to temporary needs. The required parts are simulated and automatically arranged on the computer to effectively reduce the generation of waste and reduce production costs.


4. Low processing cost.

The production process is automated, which effectively reduces labor costs. Laser cutting itself has fewer consumables and high material utilization, further reducing the cost of the entire production line.

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