Analysis of the advantages of fiber laser thin/thick plate cutting

In addition to safety and environmental protection, fiber lasers have significant advantages in cutting. It also has the advantages of high cutting accuracy, narrow cutting slit, smooth cutting surface, and high efficiency. How to use JPT fiber laser to achieve satisfactory cutting results? Let’s take a look at how we do it.

Factors affecting cutting

Before cutting the plate, in addition to basic inspection of the equipment (equipment troubleshooting to check for dirty lenses), we also need to adjust various factors that affect cutting. Generally, the following points are included (for details, go to the bottom to view previous issues):

1.Laser mode and laser power
2. Stability of optical path
3.Focus position
4. Nozzle height and nozzle diameter
5. Type, purity, flow rate and pressure of auxiliary gas
6. Cutting speed
7. Plate material and surface quality

Laser cutting and processing of workpieces of different materials and thicknesses often requires adjusting and matching multiple parameters based on their own processing needs, in order to maximize the advantages of laser cutting.

Thin plate cutting

For thin plate cutting, the quality of the section is relatively easy to control. While maintaining appropriate parameters, the choice of laser and laser power often has a great impact on the cutting rate.

Thick plate cutting

When using a 10,000-watt laser to cut carbon steel thick plates, the light spot should be strictly controlled to the center of the nozzle to reduce nozzle heating. If you use full power and a small nozzle for cutting, you can cut a smooth and small taper cutting surface.

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